The story of two Bayside locals, Ron and Rosemary, who say you are never too old to marry.

Portrait of client Rosemary holding a certificate

A story of companionship:

When Ron and Rosemary met, sparks flew and love was instantly in the air. It was on St Patrick’s night 2016. Ron, in his 80’s, joined some friends at the Rotunda within the retirement community where they both lived for a few cold ones. He suddenly noticed the lovely Rosemary, in her 70’s, walking along the garden path towards him.

They spent the night chatting and laughing before talking about taking a trip to the city with a group from the village to see a musical act they both enjoyed. When the day arrived, four friends from the group could no longer attend, which left just Rosemary and Ron to venture just the two of them, and that was the beginning of something truly special.

Fast forward to March 2017 and Ron and Rosemary are now happily married and living with each other in their new home together within the Village. Both smiling with delight, the team from Prestige Inhome Care visited to hear more about their story of love, their lives and what makes them feel good and enjoy life.

Watch the full video of Ron and Rosemary as they chat to the team from Prestige Inhome Care

The importance of companionship

What is companionship? Companionship probably means something different to everyone. However, it is more than having just anybody to keep us company. It t’s about wanting that person there, enjoying their friendship and developing a relationship that comes naturally to you.

It’s inevitable that as people age, there is a higher chance of becoming socially isolated; Children move away, partners and friends sadly disease and deteriorating health mean losing the ability to drive or go for walks. The consequences of isolation on senior mental health can be tragic, ranging from extreme loneliness to high blood pressure, forgetfulness and depression. 

Seniors must have constant companionship; however, not everyone has time to be a caregiver. We know children of aging parents are sandwiched between the responsibilities of working a fulltime job, raising their kids and finding the time to nurture their parents — an almost impossible task. However, the answer is not necessarily to move your loved one to a senior facility. 

We have seen firsthand that many seniors prefer to hold on to their independence, despite the prospect of loneliness. 

How can we then help these fiercely independent but also socially isolated seniors? 

In-Home carers and nurses as Companions

As mentioned earlier, many seniors value their independence so much that they’re willing to endure isolation. Therefore, relocating them to a nursing facility is not the solution. As long as he or she can safely live alone (i.e. no chance of falling or passing out), seniors should ideally live at home where they feel comfortable and secure.

A suitable compromise with your loved one would be to hire an in-home carer who can provide companionship (and if necessary, some medical assistance). This will allow your mum, dad or partner to maintain his or her independence while not feeling lonely and isolated.

The benefits of hiring an in-home carer will be both physically and mentally rewarding for your mum or dad. Our dedicated staff daily help seniors with physical therapy, exercises, or simply taking walks with them. 

In-home carers can even take them on small field trips such to the movies, lunch, or to the mall. At home, our dedicated personal carers play mind-stimulating games such as chess or cards, or aid with hobbies.

More so, our In-home care stuff can also monitor medication, doctor’s appointments, and your loved one’s overall well-being. They can even cook for them, do light housework, and assist in personal care. And of course, our in-home support staff are best for someone to talk to. 

If you’re considering companionship as a service for your loved one, give Prestige Inhome Care a call on 1300 10 30 10.