It is giving people their independence back that Prestige Inhome Care team member Jaclyn likes most about being a Carer.

Jaclyn has always been in the Care Industry. It is something that she believes is for people who are prepared to give. To give love and to selflessly give their all to make sure people can have the happiest lives they can have.

“I love it because I feel that I give back,” said Jaclyn. “I feel that I can show people love and I feel that’s my way of giving back, just giving of myself. That is why I love being a Carer.”

With a fondness for fitness, running and her two dogs, Jaclyn brings a positive energy to the lives of those she cares for, encouraging movement and physical activity to help improve their quality of life and help them maintain good health.

“I think it is very important for clients to be active not only for their physical health but for their mental health as well. Just getting a breath of fresh air, seeing the neighbours, meeting people in the neighbourhood, I think that is very important.”

It is this commitment to bringing happiness to her Prestige Inhome Care clients that makes Jaclyn most enjoy her day, with client’s really enjoying that Jaclyn is there assisting them with things that they are no longer able to do themselves.

“What I do to assist clients day to day would depend on the clients need. It could be showering, taking them to appointments, driving them around, preparing their lunch or their dinner, getting them dressed and prepared for social events, or just preparing them for the day ahead.”

Sitting down with Jaclyn, she shares a vibrant energy and positivity that is truly contagious.

Watch the full video of Prestige In-home Care’s Jaclyn here.