Prestige Inhome Carer Kelly shares how she feels she learns so much from her clients, and enjoys every day of it.

Kelly has a smile that lights up the room. However, when she sat down and shared her story she revealed it is the smile of her clients that makes it so rewarding.

“It brightens your day and you walk out of the house and think, yes, I’ve done something good. And it makes you feel good inside,” said Kelly.

Sitting in a warm cosy lounge room and sharing stories, Kelly revealed the reasons behind becoming a carer, sharing her own story of her grandparents and how she simply wanted to give back.

“The reason I got into this industry was because of my Grandparents,” said Kelly. “I could see them aging in front of my eyes and it’s something that I wanted to do because I know they looked after me as a child and growing up now I want to do the same for them as they get older.”

Kelly then completed her studies and began her career in caring, each day learning new skills and habits from the inspiring clients around her.

“They are a world of knowledge,” said Kelly. “The stories that I have heard, the information I have been taught, I could be a dairy farmer with the information that I have been told by one of my clients.”

Kelly shares moments of walking around the farm with her client, learning new things and getting to know them in a way that brings a sense of comfort to both of them.

“I love them, I really do.”

Watch the full video of Prestige InHome Care’s Kelly as she speaks her personal journey towards caring.