Prestige Inhome Carer Shirley shares why she made the move to home care and how the best part of her day is simply helping someone

Shirley knows care. She has been doing it her whole life. Whether it be with family, friends or her work as a carer, Shirley simply cares.

“I just like helping people,” said Shirley.

Sitting down with Shirley and sharing stories, it became clear that Shirley’s story is special. Her journey to Prestige Inhome Care has been one of discovery. Having worked in other industries it became clear to Shirley that there is heart in caring, so her life as a carer began. However, Shirley talks about how working in an aged care began to take its toll on her body.

“I was working in an aged care home and it was just too physical, It was too strenuous on my body, so I thought I would try home care. I thought that would also be strenuous but it’s not. You are allowed more time for more duties,” said Shirley.

“You have more time to get your lifting gear right and to practice the correct way that you were trained. I could work more hours because I didn’t need to rest my body as much.”

With an infectious laugh and smile, Shirley tells us the story of one client with dementia who, while at an art class Shirley noticed she was always looking at the trees. So Shirley took her to the Australian Garden, and we Shirley is pleased to say she loved it.

“When we got home she said “that’s the best day I’ve had in a long time”. She was waving like the queen to everybody, looking at all the beautiful trees.”

Shirley believes strongly about connecting with older people in the community.

“To let them know that people still care.”

Watch the full video of Prestige InHome Care’s Shirley as she speaks of why she made the move to home care and how the best part of her day is simply helping someone.