After reaching 30 years of working in the one nursing home facility on night shift, Bernice hit the pension age however was not ready to retire. Instead, a new path was discovered, leading Bernice to Prestige Inhome Care.

30 years is a long time to work night shift. It takes dedication, focus and an ability to commit all of yourself to the care of others. It is that experience that lead Bernice to home care, where she now is overwhelmed by the time she has with individual clients and the nice environment that is created by simply living at home.

“What I like most about being a carer is supporting the clients in their own environment and helping them with their personal care, their social needs and just assisting them with their daily living and how they like to have it done in their home,” said Bernice. “Doing anything to make their daily activities and life easier.”

That is the mantra of Bernice, who sitting outside in the crisp sunshine shared her personal story that lead her to becoming a carer at Prestige Inhome Care.

“I started off at Frankston Hospital and then I left there and had my children and I think my daughter was seven and I decided to join an Agency….and then I came to the facility that I worked with for 30 years.”

With that experience and expertise, Bernice knows what matters in care and believes strongly in doing things the way clients want them to be done in their own home, not the way others want it to be done. She is about respect, kindness and understanding the needs of the individual.

With a warmth that makes you smile, Bernice has a story of dedication and compassion, of traits that make her not only a wonderful carer but a wonderful member of the community. And when we sat down with Bernice to hear of her personal story and her views on being a carer, Bernice has a simple response.

“I love it,” said Bernice. “Love it.”

Watch the full video of Prestige InHome Care’s Bernice as she shares her 30 year journey to change.